Thanks to @riooktagunawan who helped me with the piano. This song is entitled Corcovado, it’s the name of the mountain in Rio De Janeiro. I sang this for my Vocal Semester Exam.

I’ll give you a wink if you give me a score. From 1 to 10, how many will you give me?

  1. akudansenja answered: i like when you sing the song ”cry me a river”
  2. littlesleepy answered: Corcovado nya medley sama Quiet Night Quiet Star ya?
  3. pororoicecream answered: 15
  4. nadiajuliana answered: Would be great if you had the lyrics memorized, but props for the accent, makes you look sexy! I’ll give you 8.
  5. nindyam-wijayanti answered: I’ll give you 9.9 ;P
  6. dewintaifang answered: 8 :)
  7. narendrapawaka posted this